Monday, October 28, 2013

Traveling w/Leonardo

Travel - going to a different place - instead of staying where we were . . . (just sayin')
I think this is a soul adventure
Isn't Everything?

If this turns out to carry me the places i have not, yet been
That would be good, too.

I am studying Leonardo
to remember mySelf
to Practice Being
and to
Apply His ideas to Life
For now,
Traveling with Leonardo is part of my "inner map."
He was cool.

He was said to be graceful
good looking
and talented
in ways i would understand.
He was a storyteller (who knew?)

It's fine to keep company with the idea of him today
If we walked the earth at the same time, we would have been chums

Since we did not know one another simo-time
I'll think of  him as  "Master Teacher"
and walk behind, trying to locate similar Wonder in me.

love & love,

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful adventure! Have fun!