Thursday, October 03, 2013


It was a quirky family of artists.  Performing Artists, the colorful kind of folk.  They lived a bit like 20th Century Gypsies, one motel after another, six weeks here, six weeks there, making very few outside friends, carrying their talent and accompanying secrets with them - everywhere they went.

My brother had the full taste of this life, while i was passed from family to family over the years.  I got to visit them on occasion.  Fall was an interesting time, it's a season full of magical inspiration.

Halloween was approaching and our mother was filled with ideas.  She finally decided my brother should be a robot.  She gathered boxes, Tape, markers, fuses (for eyes), springs, wires, anything that fit the idea of her creation.  She worked in secret for days and on Halloween evening  presented my brother with the robot costume and a trick or treat bag.

There were no breathing holes, no eye holes and, my brother was to tall for her creation.  She had a quick remedy for the size issue, she merely taped more cardboard around the legs, once he was inside.  The next problem came when he moved.  With every movement tape popped and boxes came undone.

Our mother started to shriek about how ungrateful her children were, destroying her hard work.

She never understood he could not see, or breath, or move.  She explained (as if we were simple-minded) that i was there, so i could guide my brother around from house to house.

We escaped the motel, my brother popping apart with every move, scared out of his wits.  Finally we found our way around the back of the building and hid in a janitorial closet.  We stayed there until  it was safe to return to the room and get some sleep.

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Angelina Costenaro said...

Wow, what a Halloween to remember! When I was a kid, I got many Halloweens out of a white sheet. First, I was Princess Leia in her white gown. Then I was a ghost. When I was older, I added a scary mask, and I was a monster!

Madamdreamweaver said...

An interesting costume idea gone wrong. Usually it's not the trick or treaters who who get scared silly. :)

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Oh I do feel bad for that Halloween disaster!

aspiritofsimplicity said...

Oh my goodness!! I was never a great Halloween costume maker either. But, as far as I know I never suffocated either of my daughters.

JJ said...

In the true spirit of Halloween, it was made ! Not easy to with boxes I suppose :)

MunirGhiasuddin said...

Sorry about that year's Halloween being ruined for you guys. I am a grandma now. My daughter in law buys my grand kids costumes and that is fine with me. I did make costumes for my kids though once in a while. One of my sons loves the Ninja costume I made for him years ago. Even to this day my daughter wears things around the house to dress up like characters from different shows she likes.