Thursday, August 15, 2013


I admit
I choose the kind of films i am willing to invest myself in
SO, I am NOT an expert on all things Bollywood
Hey, I'm not an expert on anything at all, actually.

I DO appreciate the values shared/taught in the films I take time to enjoy.

I admit, i have found films from other cultures that lift my heart
it pleases me
to find loving hearts riding the world merry-go-round 
All of us - circling in the universe
sharing our stories
and our hearts

kinda boggles my mind


Lynn said...

indeed it does, I love this photo!

Mary said...

This photo is so vibrant and beautiful! And yes. What a wonderful sentiment. Our stories from different parts of the world may be different, but we as people of the Universe are very much the same. If only we realized what we have in common!

aspiritofsimplicity said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all share peacefully

Anonymous said...

Since we've been on Netflix, we've enjoyed so many movies from other countries we would never have watched otherwise. They're amazing!

Sharon Wagner said...

The dancing is contagious.

Sr. Ann Marie said...

I love the photo also. Your post made me think of the retreats I make each year. In the past three or four years I've been making retreat right here at our spiritual center with Brother Michael Laratonda. I love his retreats. He uses art, sculpture, music, poetry and film along with his daily presentation--and allows lots and lots of quiet time!

And just to let you know--I love my haircut! The sisters I live with were teasing me Friday evening, saying to one another--"Do you know who that woman is sitting over there?"

Unknown said...

wow , i like it

Maggid said...

Naomi - thank you for visiting!
I am not able to access your blog - I like your google+ photo . . .