Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A day for Me!

It will be dangerously hot for the next few days.
And???  It's Summer - so this is to be expected.
I have a sprinkler twirling in the back yard.
I should have a camera because there are blooms today 
that were not there last time i strolled with my point & shoot 
(thank you, Melissa.)

this morning there are teeny white flowers blooming all over the honeysuckle
it's splendid . . . but, this photo will have to do

I'll move the sprinkler
and maybe do a couple pf chores
I'm taking out my paints
and giving color another go.

Plenty to do in the next few days
I claim for myself.

fun, hm???


Mary said...

Just your words.. 'playing with color', and 'taking out paints' make me very late summer happy. Thank you! And the light is so lovely this time of year!

Bhavya said...

Of course... spending time for oneself is one of the best things you can ever do.
Wishing that every seed you plant grows and blossoms to your heart's content.

I know its been a while.
Hope you, my friend, are doing well.
Take Care.