Friday, June 07, 2013

First Friday of June

Borrowing from earlier photo expeditions 
because I haven't had much opportunity to wander lately

My "Summer Position" is over soon enough and there's time before school begins
so, I'm good with circumstances.  I've certainly learned a lot.
there's a lot more to "get right."

SO, I'm juggling choices - Wondering if a completely new option will present itSelf.
That's super possible.

Have you ever looked around and found you've been "painted into a corner?"

I kept thinking everything was my responsibility (my fault.)
I'm one of those people fully able to accomplish every task in front of me.

Did you already know there are some here - 
with the singular intention to dismantle and destroy - 
the efforts of others?

FINALLY, it has been clearly explained to me i did nothing wrong.

Hey!  Did you know we need to understand it isn't our fault - 
just so we can let it all go and move along???

IF You already know this stuff - you are LEAGUES Ahead of me.

Finding the Learning Quest Curve a Little Steep

i wish us all well,
love & love,


TexWisGirl said...

i hope your options are good ones!

Mary said...

Oh yes. There are people like that in the world. It's best to rise above them, though it's not always easy. Glad you know it's not your fault. Good info to have. I hope many options arrive that you love! :)