Wednesday, May 01, 2013

This School Term is almost over

I always get a little . . shaky, i guess is a good word,
when the school term is ending.
I KNOW it's a Great time for the students
and many of them get to go interesting places.
They will return all new
they will share their adventures with me
I will see the wonder of their growth
physical, mental, emotional
(dare i claim Spiritual???  
Oh yes, with many of these young people, 
Spiritual Maturity Shows)

I tremble inside wondering 
"what next?"
I already have a contract for next term
I'm signed up for a really cool class
we met for the first time last night and I'm looking forward to learning more

The Holy One has given me a "summer job"
Does it matter that, in "real world" thinking
it doesn't make much sense?
It's healing for me
Joyful for others

Okay, thank you for stopping by to chat with me
I feel strengthened, the "shaky" bit has subsided.
Dear Life,  bring it on!  This will be a trans-formative summer.

love & love,


TexWisGirl said...

awww. i hope your summer will be as rewarding as what you envision for your students. :)

Carol Z said...

I'm going to echo you, "Dear life, Bring it on." I retire -- from my job of nineteen years -- this May. I have plans, but want to be open what "dear life" brings on. I think there's some great things out there that my finite mind can't begin to imagine. So enjoy when you stop by and visit. Thanks!