Wednesday, April 17, 2013


My dad
(of blessed memory)
used to wear an opal ring
That had been handed down for several generations
Dad to Son
I don't have the ring 
(I did my best to be his son, but he finally figured out i was a girl)

It was called a "Milk Opal with Fire"
it was pretty.

Once i saw a stone that seemed to call my name
I ended up buying it
I just thought it was a pretty rock
and maybe i was bonkers for wanting it
It turned out to be an 
Andean Opal
I wonder if there was some

this is an A to Z post


Aodhnait said...

I've liked opals since I visited an opal mine in Australia. The colours are amazing!!!

Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh I love Opals they are very beautiful. I do think there is some connection:) Hug B

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Look at the sheen! It's so beautiful.

T. Powell Coltrin said...

I bet his ring was beautiful. Opals are pretty.

Sr. Ann Marie said...

It's beautiful~every time I look at it I seem to see different colors shimmering through it. And that's simply looking at a photo. I can't imagine what it must really look like!

Sanderella said...

Could have been! Ya never know! I think the opal is one of the most beautiful stones. So much color and it seems to change with the light. Opal is also a very soft stone, something you don't wear to do housework, dishes or take a shower of my favorites!! Great post!!

orneryswife said...

My dad was a "pebble puppy" (as opposed to a rock hound) and introduced me to many different stones as a child. I loved opal with its hidden fire, and as a wedding gift, Ornery purchased a ring for me with an amethyst (my birth stone) and an opal. I love that ring!

Happy O Day!

Carol said...

An opal is a BEAUTIFUL stone and YOU are a BEAUTIFUL woman inside and out!

Love to you!

Carol Kilgore said...

I think there's a connection.

Stopping by from A-Z. Great to meet you.

Mary said...

Opals are magic! And yes, i believe there IS a connection indeed. :)

Bhavya N said...

Definitely there was a connection. Maybe your Dad chose it for you since he finally figured out that you were a girl :)

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Nina Gray said...

I love opals and garnets too!