Saturday, April 06, 2013


Wouldn't this be Splendid?
If we were told
If it was reflected back to us
That We Are, Indeed

I admit i wasn't given that grace, or gift.
Nothing about me seemed
According to Those Surrounding

BUT, i was/am stubborn
I prefer my own way
my own choices
my own expression

I encourage anyone 
in my circle of love
to be the who they are

Yep, sometimes i still hurt inside
from the errors of other's mistakes
BUT, It is ALWAYS made better
when i am trusted with the gift of 
Empowering Others

All My Friends
Fellow Earth Travelers
Mighty Fine
Truly Fine


Me said...

Being yourself is the most finest attitude. :) And hope you're doing fine.

-A fellow blogger from A to Z!

The Armchair Squid said...

A fine thought with which to start the day. Fine, indeed.

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my goodness that is so true. What we really do is the opposite - love this. sandie

Melissa Bradley said...

Love, love this poem. It's true we are all FINE as just ourselves.

Enie Dub said...

This is a more than fine blog post!!!

Christine Rains said...

This was more than fine. It was fantastic!

Ghadeer said...

I love the picture :)

gypsys1st said...

Inside or out, before Phogg, right through the times of renagade to modern day Maggid, you have always been "fine". Continue on I say.

Love to all.

Marie said...

LOVED this! :-) Enjoyed reading your comments too....we should all just "be ourselves" no matter what that is!

Thanks for coming by my blog and commenting, too!

miss uncertain said...

A kind heart is what really matters. But sometimes it pays to look presentable don't you think? We are pretty in our own different way. :)

Thanks for hopping by my blog and thanks for leaving a comment! I really appreciate it! <3

Sincerely,Miss Uncertain---sidetracked