Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Crab Apple

I fell in love with a twisted stick planted in a bucket - so, i brought it home and planted it
It is a weeping crab apple tree.
This is, maybe her first winter - 
I sing to her - REALLY LOUD
I'm sure the neighbors love that - (giggle)
Lately i have discovered that homeopathy really can assist me
and guess what helps me?
I like this idea.

Happy "C" to You!


Carol said...

She is beautiful G! Love that you took a twig home, loved and cared for it and look at what she is returning to you!

Love to you! and Happy "C" too!

Lynn Proctor said...

very lovely :)

Monkeywrangler said...

Your pic reminds me I should take some photos of my lilac.

M said...

But do you sing Bach to your crab apple?


Buttons said...

It is beautiful and I am sure will grow to be magnificent. B

David Macaulay said...

nice pics and good luck with the challenge - thanks for the visit.