Thursday, April 11, 2013

All of us
The Us attached to this place in any way
are proud of our community
We wear our best selves around as a regular practice
There are so many stories to share
Today i want to tell you
we began in a Unitarian Church
It's directly across the street from us now
and, on Saturdays
some of us hold class in their facility
because our school is larger than our
very large building.
Our "Birth Place" and the place i teach on Saturday Mornings
When we finally purchased the land
When we knew we would have our own home
a lot of good thinking went into the creation
Before we started
We decided to build a home
for someone who never had a home before
Many of the parents of kids i teach
gathered together, with the help of 
Habitat for Humanity
and built a home for a family that needed one
A Place to keep them safe
a Place of Peace

Then, construction began on our home
Everyone is Welcome


Mary said...

What a peaceful, wonderful place. :)

Sue Ballew said...

Very cool, I love to hear about the beginnings of churches or spiritual places where people meet, pray, serve, and just BE.