Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Happy, Happy, Happy!

It was so fun to play A to Z with you.
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Monday, April 29, 2013

The Story People


Made me laugh
wanted to share

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

"The best ornament is Humility.  The richest wealth is Wisdom.  
The strongest weapon is Patience.  
The best security is Faith.  
The best tonic is Laughter." 

~The Buddha Dhammapada


I like the colorful paintings by

Friday, April 26, 2013

Thursday, April 25, 2013


A couple of years ago i purchased a book of drawing exercises.  They were fun.  There was a list of suggested supplies I did not take seriously because I already have so much stuff to play with.  BUT, after a while i started to wonder about "Vellum."  I did not know what it was.  The next time i was in an art supply store there was a stack of artist journals and on the front of one it said the word . . Vellum - SO, I picked it up and felt the paper - it was strong and felt different from the large collection of papers i already had at home.

I didn't give it another thought until it was time for "V" in our A to Z challenge.

"V" . . the first thought i had was Vellum - I only knew it was strong and smooth - SO I looked it up and was appalled.

I KNEW ancient manuscripts were hand copied on animal skin - BUT, please don't tell me I'd encouraged anyone to continue that practice  - by purchasing a notebook (cheaply, i might add.)

Fortunately the online information went on to explain that practice  with very rare (and Holy exceptions) has gone away and has been replaced by linen - and paper - with qualities of vellum . . My heart was saved - and NOW I know (and respect) one of my art supplies.



Wednesday, April 24, 2013


If we stretch our thinking
far enough
Everyone has a Home.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013


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Monday, April 22, 2013


Scotland was where i thought i was going.
(Hasn't happened, yet - BUT - )
If you keep an open heart
Scotland comes to you.

(Tartan Day Parade, April 7th)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rock & Roll

Here I am doing my part:
Here's Our Top 40
We were inducted into the Las Vegas Nevada Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
(notice the 45 label?  Gives you a hint how long ago it was, hm??)

Friday, April 19, 2013

I say this to my students every day - How good it is to know I'm on the right track . . .

Quincy Jones

He is such a positive impact on all of us.
I enjoyed his book.
My favorite story about him
come from his production work in music studios.
It's said he might sit quietly in the background, maybe reading a newspaper
What He is doing
is Listening for the spaces for God.


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Thursday, April 18, 2013


Golly i like popcorn.
I used to travel a lot.  I'd make a huge bag of popcorn and set it on the seat next to me to munch on while i was driving.

One of our blogger friends shared that she is a popcorn fan. She uses Himalayan Rose Salt . . . that tip is now on my list.

Happy A to Z!
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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pir-o-Murshid Ali Khan
Pir-o-Murshid Ali Khan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Commentary by Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan:

Every kind of power lies in this one thing which we call by the simple name: love. Charity, generosity, kindness, affection, endurance, tolerance, and patience -- all these words are different aspects of one; they are different names of only one thing: love.

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My dad
(of blessed memory)
used to wear an opal ring
That had been handed down for several generations
Dad to Son
I don't have the ring 
(I did my best to be his son, but he finally figured out i was a girl)

It was called a "Milk Opal with Fire"
it was pretty.

Once i saw a stone that seemed to call my name
I ended up buying it
I just thought it was a pretty rock
and maybe i was bonkers for wanting it
It turned out to be an 
Andean Opal
I wonder if there was some

this is an A to Z post

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Never Never Land

A few of my literal friends do not like this concept
I suppose they no longer believe
in magic, or miracles, or dreams
All of the above
and more
Live in my heart
and i remember:

"I have a place where dreams are born,
And time is never planned.
It's not on any chart,
You must find it with your heart.
Never Never Land.

It might be miles beyond the moon,
Or right there where you stand.
Just keep an open mind,
And then suddenly you'll find
Never Never Land. . . . "
(lyrics from Peter Pan)

May all your Best Dreams Actualize
love & Love,

Monday, April 15, 2013

From Manford Carter:

my monk friend has a weird endearing habit
he weaves sandals and leaves them secretly by the roadside 

Sojun ( 1349 -1451)


There IS a story behind it
For A to Z
I just want to share
I ride Metro
All the time
Both Train & Bus
and my own sweet
"Ten Toe Transit"
The saying here is
"I'm on board with Metro"

Today's A to Z Letter is "M"
My story is "Metro"
and, I'm stickin' to it 

Saturday, April 13, 2013


I had a friend named Lukas.  He was a timber wolf.
I got to travel with him to colleges.
He taught young people.

I got this job because Lukas and i enjoyed spending time together.
His "trainer" didn't appreciate his sense of adventure.
One time she left him loose in her home and when she returned her sofa was shredded across the house.
Lukas told me it was because he heard a squeak and thought he'd fix it for her.
Yeah, Lukas and i would share.  He taught me stuff and i sneaked him potato chips. 
We were good friends.

Happy A to Z Adventure,
love & love,

Friday, April 12, 2013


I asked myself about "K"
Immediately I thought "Kayak."
When i live in Lake Tahoe I got to rent a kayak and glide across the beautiful water.

I have a friend who loves to kayak so much
He'll rent a large vehicles and a kayak
even when he's at a conference, just in case there's time to enjoy himself on the water

I remember first reading about First Nation people hunting whales
and, if they needed to they could roll completely over while seated in their kayak
(I read everything by Farley Mowat i could get my hands on.)

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

All of us
The Us attached to this place in any way
are proud of our community
We wear our best selves around as a regular practice
There are so many stories to share
Today i want to tell you
we began in a Unitarian Church
It's directly across the street from us now
and, on Saturdays
some of us hold class in their facility
because our school is larger than our
very large building.
Our "Birth Place" and the place i teach on Saturday Mornings
When we finally purchased the land
When we knew we would have our own home
a lot of good thinking went into the creation
Before we started
We decided to build a home
for someone who never had a home before
Many of the parents of kids i teach
gathered together, with the help of 
Habitat for Humanity
and built a home for a family that needed one
A Place to keep them safe
a Place of Peace

Then, construction began on our home
Everyone is Welcome


“Some people need no jewels to make them sparkle. 
You are one of them."
-- from  Royce Westmoreland