Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Splashing - Twice

I suppose it was "just in case I didn't "get it"
the first time

I was Splashed.
(another small thing)

When i was tiny, I was christened - later dunked - then recommitted
to The Holy
in Peaceful,  Planned, Almost Theatrical Ways

Seems The Celestial Army is in to Guerrilla Tactics
First, i was in a booth at a restaurant where the servers recognize me
as i was getting ready to leave - coat on, scarf around my neck - standing beside the table, ready to walk - a man, one booth away - somehow caused a lot of liquid to fly
like a wave in a movie, over the top of the high backed divider between booths
across the table where i had been sitting
and soak me.

Servers rushed to see if i was alright,

Splash number One
I joked that I had been splashed.
It was odd, unusual, "impossible."

very soon after, at another restaurant, a server wanted to make sure the booth I was assigned
was presentable before i settled in
Somehow, in doing her very best
I was splashed again

I knew to pay attention
That I'd been dedicated
Somehow this new venture
will be public

I suppose

Hey!  have angels been presenting you with situations lately?

love & love,

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1 comment:

Crystal Mary said...

Amazing... I have never had that happen and yet you had it twice. Perhaps there is a reason. If so? I pray the Lord reveals it to you. Happy New Year Mate. xxxxx