Friday, January 11, 2013

pretty little flowers

 I was in for a comforting surprise.

I'd been really slow on the uptake and FINALLY an entire Celestial Army arrived to give remedial support.  I'm sure you remember, it's been part of the "small, but life altering things."

SO, I was reading one day about a healer named Bach.
I was intrigued, so i ordered some of his writings.
Then I ordered a workbook.
His writings sound a bit like the way i talk, which is cool because, I often get the impression I'm another species.  
(I just seem "different" at times - because I believe in The Holy. - It happens.)
The thing is, he said stuff like,
Nature - in fact, our True Nature
Is healing - or Health ItSelf.
He believed in God
in some similar manner.
AND he wanted to help people.
He developed a way of recognizing how we get off balance
way before any physical symptoms manifest.
He figured out a way for flowers to communicate with us
and bring us back into balance.

SO, at the end of one of the chapters I read something amazing.
Dr. Bach knew I was going to need him.

There is help for people who smile through anything,
even extreme or trying times.

You gotta know, there are LOTS of Performers (we are talking huge "Stars) who need assistance, and don't receive it from humans, for a variety of reasons.
Dr. Bach suggested the essence from these pretty little flowers
are for people like me/us.

I looked them up.  They are part of the rose family (perfect) - and have been used for all sorts of human need for generations.  Dr. Bach is the only person (so far) I've seen also suggest a drop of  essence from these little bits of joy, will fortify a smiling person in need.

who knew?
it's called "Agrimony"

Did you already know this???


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