Thursday, January 10, 2013

Once every cycle I get to share stories about the
"Teaching Tree"

My students always seem to know something about this idea.
There was a huge festival here in St. Louis last Summer
one of the many things that caught the attention of several of my students
was the Chinese Wishing Tree

There was a wise tree in the movie "Avatar."

Not long ago there was a PBS Special that included information
about a Holy Site in Great Britain
where people attach items representing something they wish to leave behind

We've also shared magazine and newspaper clippings
with photos of families making a home under huge spreading trees,
people living in trees
just last year there was a nifty article showing a photograph
of a barber shop
under a tree

All of this helps explain about a place called Shekham
where Abram and Sarai  enjoyed living.

D'you have a special tree??
have you see the "leanin' tree" in the comic strip "Rose is Rose?"

love & love,

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Inger said...

On our land here, there are lots of juniper trees, which look like bushes. I have not thought about a favorite one. Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog, I will follow yours now.