Sunday, January 20, 2013

I'm often astonished

Certainly I've shared limitless times how much i learn from "my" students. 
I'm always so grateful to be part of our educational staff, I hope to continue another fifty-five years, at least.

By some strange quirk, my classes are momentarily at the same place in their studies.  This is mega unusual, because they are different age groups, and have different curriculum.  Still, at the moment they are all discussing the same stories.

By the time the fourth class started talking about The Holy One Communicating with Abram, saying it's time to "Go Forth" - to some land he would be shown - I'd "seen something."

  Do you remember the story?  Abram, if he chose this adventure, would end up a Blessing to Everyone -

So, I ask - i always ask - If you had a conversation like this with The Holy One - would you go?

Would YOU???

I suddenly understood, i had - I suddenly understood we are all offered this opportunity to travel a unique life adventure, tailored especially for us - and, by following Our Own Life Path - we will be a Blessing.

It happens for and with everyone.  Some choose, some don't . . . .

Then, at work this morning, someone thanked me for "jumping out of the boat" and being willing to lead, even if it was scary . . .

(They'd just heard a story about someone willing to try, even if it the task seemed impossible . . . and a song about jumping out of the boat before claiming to water walk . . which is why that specific phrase was used . . )

Perhaps we can all wish each other "May you choose your life adventure!"

So? . . are we?  Are we all living our own adventure???  Pipe in, I'd really like to hear from you.

Love & Love,

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