Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Surely this is NOT what my friend meant.
The end of a message I was reading indicated my friend was
"off to the grindstone."
It caught my attention and i started looking at what we generally mean.
I suppose some people are trying to say their daily routine is repetitive.
I found plenty of places called "Grindstone"
Most of them look peaceful and pleasant.
Maybe some folk mean, after putting in a lot of time in repetitive tasks
they are able to create a lovely place to be.
(this train passes through a town called grindstone regularly)

(Here is someones waterfront porch - in "Grindstone.")

(This place is called Smokey Hollow Creek - in Grindstone)

(Yep, these people are enjoying themselves in Grindstone Snow . . Imagine!)

There's limitless scholarship on "Grindstones."
I found essays, reports and photos from antiquity onwards
of people using them for several different purposes.
Some of them are ornate.
(ancient grindstone)

I got excited.
There's a Grindstone Elementary School
okay, okay, at first i imagined our society was educating from elementary school onward
how to become great workers,
you know, folk who grow up expecting to do repetitive tasks all their life.
(is there Joy in the doing?  Does it lead to Joy and Fulfillment?
Are thoughts like these included in the curriculum?
I started to get a little carried away . . )
In Ohio there's a town proud of their heritage.
They used to supply our nation with the very best grindstones.
(I'll try to contain my "magical thinking" for a moment)

I thought it would be nifty to wear the school logo
Just think!
Learning to make the grindstones other people use . . . 
and then, going out to play.

The shop was not allowed to sell me a hoodie or a shirt
(They are reserved for the PTA this year)
they told me to check back in a few months.

Still, imagine, creating the grindstone
others show up to use (or do) every day
Then, YOU get to ride in the snow,
or enjoy your porch
or shout "All Aboard"
Or, enjoy a cup of coffee and read

while someone else supports your way of life
by dutifully going off to 
"The Grindstone"

(yeppers, my imagination is entertaining me today.)

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny what we can find when we just look.
All about so many things to know and see.
So many teachers...known and unknown.
And here you are teaching us when you are just having fun.
I am so very glad you are here.