Monday, January 21, 2013

Fat Bikes

On the way to "work" yesterday there was a radio story about cyclists in Alaska.  The reporter was riding along, interviewing a cyclist, in 8 degree weather.

Immediately I declared I intend to NEVER ride a bike in 8 degree weather - 

The story continued on to explain the special bikes, called "Fat Bikes" that are created to assist Alaskan Cyclists to bike in the snow.  IF they tried to use conventional bikes, they would merely sink, but "Fat Bikes" with Fat Tires, I suppose on the same premise as snow shoes . . . spreading across a larger area - keeping one on top of the snow, instead of in it . . .
MY - Personal and Immediate Thought - was to be grateful i was riding on the way to sing some fun, uplifting music, listen to someone deliver a talk - then go shopping - on a chilly, crisp, sunny morning -and NOT riding Any Kind of Bike in 8 degree weather - in snow - deep or otherwise
(just sayin')

That didn't keep me from following through later in the evening
safe and warm 
at home
To SEE a "Fat Bike."

Yes, I "get it."
If I ever find myself in Alaska
I hope it's to tell a story, sing a song,
enjoy some stories of and by other people
If I'm blessed - someone will invite me to see and learn about First Nation People

Maybe they'll all arrive on "Fat Bikes."
This would also be fun.

For me??
I do not envision me on one
NO, this is not the picture of my day.

love & love,


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Sr. Ann Marie Slavin said...

Yea!!!!I got into your blog for the first time in ages--don't know what I was doing wrong before. As for bikes, I can't ride a bike--fat or otherwise. Several people have tried to teach me and all gave up in despair.Maybe it's connected with the same reason I can't drive a car! As for Alaska, I would like to see it sometime. We have several sisters who work in Alaska. I'd like to just visit! They frequently have to go from one mission or village to another by bush plane! What I'd really like to do is to go on Alaskan cruise! Maybe someday!!