Friday, January 25, 2013

A beautiful day!

Just gotta tell you
this day is a gift.
We were told to expect ice.
Instead, no ice - Bright and lovely - a little chilly - But hey!  It's winter.

I just got tidbits today.
I don't watch television.  Yep, it keeps me "out of the loop."  But I've found people are willing to share with me if i ask what they are talking about.
I do "Netflix." 
Viewing by choice.
Yesterday I saw a surprising movie.
I rarely want to watch a movie over, but i was sad to return the red envelope this morning.
The movie is called
"Year Of The Fish."
The things i expected - it was not
The things it is - delighted me
There were no subtitles AND - the entire movie was presented the way I enjoy playing with photos.
It wasn't "Anime" - it was totally digital enhancement, with animation overlay in spots.
I enjoyed every frame and wish i knew some of the tricks they used for visuals.
This is a version of the "Cinderella" Story
BUT, it is NOT for children.  
It IS a delight for any adult with imagination
there is a different cultural perspective
But, it is an American story.
Color, surprises, it is super full of "heart."
I was glad to know the framework, so - when it was sad or frightening
I assured myself It was going to end well.

Okay, I'm not quite finished.
Such a nice day was not to be wasted
I had a library book waiting for me.  I intended to wait until the other volume i requested was there,  BUT, a bit of an outing was in order
the book I picked up is super small
It's such a masterpiece, it was worth the ride into the city.
I walked back to the train, and finished the book on the ride home.

I'm reading up so, when I finally visit the Tenement Museum
There will be a bit of depth to my learning.

Okay, that's the picture of my afternoon.
love & love
from the happy one

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