Saturday, December 29, 2012

Official Beginning of the "Small Things" Report

A lovely church 
asked if I'd send a resume
and consider becoming their pastor.

I thought 
"Yeah, like THAT is gonna happen."
and i did nothing about it.

Several months later, that "inner voice thing" went off inside me
and would not let me get any work done until I'd sent a resume.
Finally, I did exactly that . . sent the resume
Then, i went back to work and didn't give it a second thought.
the church "Search Committee"
got super excited
They called everyone they could 
asking for recommendations

Within a week
I was being interviewed by the search committee,
giving a workshop for the congregation,
giving the Sunday Service
going to dinner with the Board,
Being interviewed and celebrated by the congregation

It was scary.

Finally i noticed
all these beautiful people came to be a part of something
 Be Loving and Supportive

Last year I'd been taken advantage of
it was NOT a fun time

NOW I could see, this as a Healing Going On
Color Me Grateful

Now, when the few dark things present themselves for "review."
I have new information to weigh it with (or against)

I suspect that resume process 
was The Holy One
making sure I'm still

Like the old television show that said:
"Your mission, should you choose to accept it . . . "
That willingness to submit a piece of paper
has begun a new process
(okay, you're going to ask about the church, aren't you???
Other people are asking for the position.  I do not, for one instant, think I'm the perfect, next minister.  I've left it all open for the Holy to sort out . . BUT, OTHER GREAT THINGS have begun to occur and, I'm finally excited about the possibilities.)
This is the first report.
NOW, as this NEW YEAR is approaching . . . 
Please tell me, what's happening in YOUR WORLD . . . ?
love & love,

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gypsys1st said...

Good on ya....Act with courage and know that you are....illuminate the world with the light you hold to share......