Monday, December 10, 2012

It's the time of year many of us think about Light.  I often tell a story that teaches the scripture from Proverbs, "The soul of man is the candle of God." 

I sing "Don't let the Light go out."

Today i was reminded we are constantly revealing Light.  It isn't a "shazam" kind of easy, where some mysteriously dressed wizard proclaims the "magic word" in a theatrical voice and instantly "Light Appears" (or whatever else we "wish" would simply manifest.  What would it be for you today, a car, enough money to cover expenses, a puppy?)

Once, long ago i read a book, "Crack in the Cosmic Egg."  Since then i have heard stories about our broken places being the very point in which True Light Beams through.

These stories are beautiful, comforting . . . . BUT . . do we remember them when we feel broken?

That's what the stories are for . . . like a map inside us, pointing the way when we feel lost, alone, frightened . . Broken.  Exactly then, according to our choices . . Lots of LIGHT can/will/hopes - to Shine Out into the world in blinding radiance - and heal us - and the world - AND - show us a new way to be.

I'm still working on it - BUT, i have the story map collection to guide me . . . I can not be lost . . .
(Do you remember the song, "I'm not lost - i am exploring . . ?"  I wish we were together right now - we could sing it Loud and Clear.)

So, okay - I'm thinking "Light" - even when I wonder if I've gotten lost - I Sing Loud - maybe I'll encourage others . . . Maybe I'll finally prove none of us are alone . . .

Merry & Bright, Joy-Filled Hope, Peace and Plenty for Everyone!

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Sr. Ann Marie Slavin said...

I think you probably sing and share light through your life!