Sunday, December 02, 2012

I have been re-reading books - study books - that are still on my shelf.
It's nifty to be reminded
WHY i was saving them
(Why my shelves are so packed with Good Thoughts.)

So, I'm reading some Troward
and reminded about the "Lost Word."
(Thing is,  this proposed "lost word" is hidden in plain sight.)

Then, this morning i got to listen to my absolute favorite teacher.
Her name is Dana,  If you visit our neighborhood, give a shout out and I'll tell you where to find her.
OR, you could just remember this link.

So, Dana is reminding everyone they already ARE the answer, the light . . .
What we do matters . . . even if we didn't think so . . Still, it's True . . . . .

I just love that.

Oh yeah, the "word?"

It's "I AM."

Are you arguing that you see two words???? 

love & love,

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Buttercup said...

Thanks for lots to think about. Wishes for a sweet, sweet week!