Saturday, December 22, 2012

Ernest Holmes:

Jesus learned through silent communion with Life. The inward ear of Jesus was in tune with the divine harmony; his inward eye looked upon a spiritual universe; his human consciousness was transmuted into divine understanding as he sought for and found his union with Life.

Is it not true that we seek wholeness in externals? We should like to influence people and make friends, but have we realized that the friendship which comes through influencing people lacks that inwardness which makes friends without influencing them?
IF one were really unified with his true Self, there would never be any question about friendship.
IF one were really unified with Substance, there would never be any question about supply.
IF one were unified with Wholeness, he could not be unhappy.
IF one were conscious of his union with Life, he would never fear death.

When the woman touched the hem of the garment of Christ, she contacted the principle of Life Itself. This contact automatically healed her. Touching Wholeness in another revealed her own wholeness. Some day when you are confused, try this simple experiment. Sit down quietly and say:

The peace of God is at the center of my being. I am conscious of this peace. I enter into this peace. I am surrounded by this peace. This peace moves out from me in all directions. It calms the troubled waters of my experience. It heals everything it contacts. There is nothing but peace. I rejoice in this peace.

Holmes, Ernest
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