Wednesday, December 05, 2012

A Long, Satisfying Relationship . . .

For many years we held a 
Nicholas Event
on St. Nicholas Eve
(Nicholas Day is Dec. 6th - We always celebrated the evening before)
The gathering became so popular
and our hosts were picking up the entire tab
Eventually they decided it was time to discontinue

Well, This year, you might remember,
The Saint visited on Saturday, November 24th
so, we still enjoy occasional visitations
on a smaller scale.

I don't remember what year this was taken
I'm the silver headed lady assisting
These children are bringing gifts
to share with Children they've heard about
that don't have as much

Isn't that a wonderful idea?
Children helping Children?

How about us helping each other

That could make a better world.

We could look around and do a little something -
full bellies, maybe?
If each of us helped a little . . . 

Okay, just an idea.

Happy Nicholas Eve!

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Sr Crystal Mary said...

And its a lovely idea.. xxxx