Friday, November 09, 2012


Tammy Bowen posted this a few days ago.
I read books about - and by - Yogananda when i was a kid.
I was always sorry I did not get to meet him when he was on the earth.

There's a saying that we'll all recognize the voice of the Master when we hear it.
Some people think that means, when their teacher appears, speaks, calls them, they will automatically realize this as the person meant to guide them to self-realization.  
Here's the funny thing.
Eventually i got to hear Yogananda sing on a tape.
It was old technology, the recording was saved from some live event long ago,
He said,
"I am singing for you
Now be singing with me,
'White Colored Cloud.'"

I know, i know, already i told you, old technology, from the half-way point of last century
it was tinny, abrasive, sounded unpleasant to my ears
I'm happier to be singing today
and just Knowing about Yogananda,
his powerful life and legacy

Grateful for my place in the lineage of humankind
keenly aware
to some i am already odd
in the future
many may laugh

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Sr. Ann Marie Slavin said...

Seems kind of a good thing to make someone laugh--better than to make them sad!

Crystal Mary said...

Hello friend, bad thoughts and ugliness go hand in hand. I agree that they come out on your face.Beauty on the other hand is what transforms. I have finally finished my second book and sent it in for edit.. don't know how long it will take to be the final product, but this one is very spiritual. It is a continuation of Ariana. xx