Friday, November 16, 2012

To Honor Mira Scharf, May Her Memory Be A Blessing.

There are times when the world seems dark, and chaotic. The pain is so deep that all we want to do is cry. It is in those times that the solidarity of women can change the world. Our Shabbat lights and our prayers can turn the darkest darkness into light. Yesterday morning, three Jews were killed in a terrorist attack in Israel. One was 25-year-old Mira Scharf, a mother of three children who was 7-months pregnant. Her husband and children were critically injured. Mira lit Shabbat candles every Friday. Please light your Shabbat lights this afternoon in her honor. She is not able to bring her own special light into the world this Shabbat, but we can bring it for her. G-d should bless the Nation of Israel with peace and bring an immediate and full Redemption. 

Thank You,
Shabbat Shalom
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Buttercup said...

Let her memory be a blessing and my sympathy and prayers for her family. Sending you light and hugs across the miles.