Monday, November 26, 2012

There for a moment
(maybe a few days)
It looked as if things were working backwards
Every had that happen?
I'm accustomed to success,
This is NOT how it seemed for a few beats

Then, something unexpected happened
Someone i did not hope for called
and stood with me and made things turn out right

It wasn't a person one "assume" would rally
It was a person of authority
and they worked
immediately to make right
what had gone so fabulously wrong
that i was in a true panic-type melt down

Last July I heard a talk given from the heart by a powerful speaker
He explained how his world seem to fall into a pit, as if some dark spell had been cast 
and everything around was crumbling
(many of us listening at the time were in tears)
I do not personally know this teacher
I DO have one thing in common with him

His story turned out PERFECT
although the faces that showed up to support him
were completely different than the ones he used to rely upon

God e-x-p-a-n-d-e-d 
the repertoire of companions

This seems to have happened in my story as well

When i hear, or read about "The Shift"
I suspect this is not something fanciful
I suspect it's time for me
(maybe us?)
to be ready for
New Faces

It will all be
"Good And Very Good"
different than we expected 

Maybe we've closed one story
and begun another

What do you think?

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