Monday, November 12, 2012

Let's Dance!

At Shul, it's common, right in the middle of service
for people to get up and dance around the room several times.
At Center for Spiritual Living
Maybe Not So Much

Unless georgy is there causing trouble
especially if Mr. Dill is there with her.

Earlier this year
I was at the International New Thought Alliance 97th Congress
in Phoenix, Arizona
The musicians there ended up being a lot like me
They simply could NOT play the "Peace Song"
the way everyone expected.

Instead, they decided to "do something different."

They played "Love Train"
It was electric
I mean, the energy in the room went "electric."
People couldn't connect with one another fast enough
they formed a human train
(we are talking primarily silver headed populace)
They circled the room as long as the music played
 they continued to do this EVERY TIME the Musicians Played it.

I could not wait to return home and explain
these musicians I'd never met
felt the same way I did
Bringing that same
Love Energy into the Sanctuary at CSL-STL

A Human "Love Train"
Continuation of the INTA LOVE


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