Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I have a new favorite local teacher
She is founder of a spiritual community
called Harmony Fellowship

When i am able, i attend services where she shares Truth in the most splendid, 
fresh and flowing manner

Fran├žais : Courage
Fran├žais : Courage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week she spent time sharing about courage
She taught us how to choose again
to change the uncomfortable dynamic 
that some of us find in our lives.

She also shared a GREAT TRUE STORY
about a lady
who decided she no longer agreed to spousal abuse.
This lady decided to pile her kids
and her creatures
into her car
and drive away to something better
As soon as she was packed and ready to leave
the person she feared the most stood in front of the car.


This lady chose not to retreat
Not to unpacke the kids, creatures and hopes
and return to the fear
She didn't run the person over, either

She discovered she could drive her car across the grass
AND yesterday that lady was sitting in front of me
next to a different partner
who causes her to laugh
and smile
on a daily basis

Like True Friends


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