Friday, November 30, 2012

I was reading a beautiful blog post
and it reminded me
to tell you

You are Beautiful
You are Important

If you don't share with us
Who you are, What you think
We will never know
and we'll be missing the most important
part of ourselves

We are all connected
and if we don't have the unique part of you
that's in us
filled with 

We are poor
We are always
A tiny bit empty
Even in the most Joy-Filled Moments
If we don't have the gift of knowing YOU

We are not complete

Yep, today I MUST remind you
You are Important
You are Vitally Important
There is Only ONE YOU

You Are Beautiful

love & love,

1 comment:

Sr. Ann Marie said...

I love both the poem and the photo! The "you-ness" particularly hit home for me because it reminded me of "this-ness" or haecceitas which the Franciscan theologian John Dun Scotus uses to refer to what makes each of us--us!