Friday, November 23, 2012

beautiful photo sent from a beloved, far away . . .
It's too bad Thanksgiving is only one day a year.
 And no, not just because of the turkey. 
It's because recognizing all that we have to be thankful for raises us above the mundane,
 reminds us of our purpose and imbues us with genuine joy. 
But what if Shabbat could be our weekly Thanksgiving Day? 
After all, Shabbat is also a time to come together, 
 have good food and celebrate the gifts in our lives. 
This Shabbat, let's remind ourselves (yet again!) of all the things we are grateful for. 
 Stand by our candles tonight and realize that, for us, 
 Thanksgiving Day comes every seven days. 

---From (thank you) 


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Buttercup said...

Beautiful photo and thought. Definitely something to keep in my life and heart. Thanks, my friend! Shabbat Shalom.