Thursday, September 27, 2012

Or - Walking To . . . .

What about this
"Walking Away"
seems so challenging?

Isn't it just "turning around?"
Moses was busy doing his thing
and saw a burning bush
(could it have been a Call for a Better Possibility?
could it have been his "Mission Should You Choose to Accept It?)

Do you remember a program called "Mission Impossible?"
That's where i got the second phrase.

It's common pop psychology
"Same Behavior, Same Results"

If this is a common mantra of our times
Doesn't it make sense to

Moses might have been walking towards
His new Opportunity
Many of our heroes have changed their own course
and saved humanity
or, at least improved it enough to give us all new Opportunities of Our Own

Could it be
Walking Away

Perhaps It's Walking Towards

just sayin'

love & love,
(still dreaming)

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