Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I keep trying to find ideas behind this picture
First i remember i used to make little people out of another style of clothes pin
then i think
how we pin ideas on a line and move them around during class discussion
and how we used to pin clothes out for fresh air - and to dry
oh!!!  How about those few times we leave a store with the security device still attached to our purchase
 and we can't easily remove the thing
and have to return to the store for assistance

And, I wonder if that would hurt the earth
the way it would if we clipped our lips together like that

What does this bring to mind for you?

love & love,
from the one in a silly mood.

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Sr Crystal Mary said...

Well...your idea's are good, and, I still peg my clothes on the line and love it.
For me as soon as I saw this, I thought of our governments pinching the very earth we live off...
I don't think there is one government in the world who is not destroying their country by greed. Much love to you Georgy. xx\

I am up to six tries of proving I am not a robot.

Maggid said...

Oh, how insightful! Crystal Mary, Thank you very much for these thoughts.

I didn't realize one had to prove themselves to post here . . I'll go check right now . .

love & love,