Monday, September 03, 2012

an Adventure Worth Taking . . ?

Here's a question for mySelf
it comes from a couple of years ago
when I first discovered Bonhoeffer
(His story impressed me and i wondered at the time why I'd not heard of him before)

He actively did what he could
to stop evil

I saw the sign I've just posted yesterday
so, i was reminded again
about Bonhoeffer's Story

Okay, okay - I ask mySelf
Is this task ours to do
Through Positive Prayer, Thought and Affirmation?

Or, are we called (like so many GREAT Activist Souls) in the past
to physically jam the wheels of limited thinking?

I rather think
(at this moment)
as we learn to Lift, Heal, and Empower 
Not only with "Worldly Thinking"
But, primarily with Spirit Thinking

We are able to allow Divine Love to Express Though Us
to Accomplish the Task of
Peace Profound

This Idea is Too Big For me Today
It IS an ADVENTURE worth taking

love & love,
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