Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Amazing Faith

Not so long ago I took a class
The teacher suggested
Wisdom is passed from Generation to Generation

Some students were concerned
because their belief system informed them
The way they were taught
only for them
was sent to them

Regardless of the "Delivery System"
The only way others could be excluded
is by pretending 
some have no access to 

I am often confounded by this
it seems a little mad
to pretend
that any one could be set apart/above
When we are all in this together
Either we are All Holy
or No One is Holy

Seems to me
we are all unique expressions
of The One
(whatever That Is)
and we are creating ever unfolding amounts 
of everything possible
as we know better, we'll do better

Truth is Truth
Always the Same
so, loving elders
Passed along Truth/Wisdom in their own words
So we could Pass it along to others
using our own 
Hope Filled Vocabulary

to Lift, Encourage, Inspire
the lovely ones coming along
The Path



Magaly Guerrero said...

Indeed, truth needs no dress or creed. It needs people of good hearts and the land that sustains them, I claim the Earth ;-)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post and so well put! Hugs!