Friday, August 03, 2012

From Yehuda Berg:

The Flying Shoes
Friday August 3, 2012
We often judge a person by their profession, totally ignorant to the true value of what they’re sharing with the world. One of the greatest Kabbalists was a shoemaker. He put so much love and light into each pair of shoes that whomever wore a pair made by this righteous person experienced an elevation of consciousness.

Do you think this Kabbalist thought his job on this planet was to make shoes? No. He knew it was simply a vehicle for him to reveal Light in the world.

Practice spirituality at your job to get the real job done.

 I used to say guitar playing, concert work - was only a tool.   
Circumstances have changed for me and i often need to remind myself 
"only tools"

This morning, I hope to use my own pair of flying shoes
This morning I desire to realize mySelf lifted 

I hope the same for you.

Maybe tomorrow we can once again identify our tools
Today, Tonight, May we celebrate LOVE ItSelf
And Find Ourselves Lifted
Into the Garden

love & love,


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