Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Image by Visual Legacy via Flickr
Story Time this morning was a surprise.  Every once in a while i think this event will phase out.  The children grow, we don't advertise - so - it seems reasonable to think it will fade along the way.  NOPE - Not yet, anyway.  A new batch of children with guardians have already arrived.  Then , the grandparents who bring along every new grouping of cousins as they are born.  Makes me feel like I'm actually part of a family somehow.  I watch them grow, hear their stories.

I chose this photo because it reminded me that one family explained they are going on a vacation - to Maine - because they want to see the coast line . . . me, i always think of the Fall when i think of Maine . . . so, when i spotted this picture, it reminded me of my families and story time . . . What a Good World this is - hm?

Got a vacation coming up?  So many people do.

Well, enough of me -
I'm looking forward to YOUR STORIES!


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