Thursday, May 10, 2012

Purple on grey
Image by Steve-h via Flickr

Just had to post this beautiful photograph.

have two more weeks of study - and then, our combined classes, and our teachers, will meet for a celebration, a graduation . . . I am so entirely grateful for these last couple of years filled with learning.  The surprising thing is our class.  The day we met we were stunned at how fortunate we were.  All of us from such diverse backgrounds, different understandings - and everyone of us willing the share from our heart.  Guess the Federation helped us all to feel safe enough, right?  We've stuck together all this time, adding a few extra to our group as we traveled along through new classes, and time.  I am going to miss this special bond. 
Well, except you can see this learning in practice every time i get up to share with a group, when i teach classes . . . and, the confidence, knowing what I have to share IS Valued.  of course, I wish i could just call My Pops and tell him all about this - BUT, then, there's YOU . . . There's the acceptance and encouragement I've had in my classmates these years . . . It shows in everything i do.

Guess, if i think about it, I can't really "miss" people who have become part of me . . right? 

Just a few very short weeks - and, I'll have a little time for . . . well, whatever adventure comes my way, right?

Love & Love,

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