Friday, April 20, 2012

This Sunday
there are several things happening 
that i would like to attend.

When I traveled a lot singing, I used to check out the local paper to see who was playing - 
then would tell myself i was in concert with them - 
("concert" comes from the thought 'breathing together' - isn't that cool?)

I'll be at Our Center
speaking, teaching, encouraging
hopefully modeling

There is a Bollywood dancing Group 
 raising money for books - to fill libraries around the world
so children will have books

There will be a service
across town
(Temple Israel)
and all the adopted Torahs 
in our region
of the Shoah
(Great Catastrophe) 

great teachers from the region
will bring these scrolls together
like a reunion
like a HUGE Blessing
of Remembrance.

Our scroll comes from Czechoslovakia
from a town where there are no longer any Jewish people.
(Our Survivor Scroll - Must be celebrating Sim-hat Torah)

Speaking of Jewish people
did you ever consider how many worlds were taken from us?
How many brilliant stories, joys and possibilities . . 

so, we hear 6 million Jewish
There were also at least another 5 million
Beautiful Individuals

Besides the War Itself

Our Torah
is used in special services
We teach & share with it
we dance with it

It was saved because-
after this entire body of people were to have been wiped off the face of the earth
there was to be a museum
to remember

Thankfully, we still have beautiful people left on planet earth
(This Sunday is Earth Day - 
how fortunate we are to be on this beautiful, spinning marble in the universe)

Our Torah will be celebrating
There are STILL GREAT Catastrophes 
Beautiful worlds being wiped away
as if their contribution was worthless

We come across that energy to
"steal, kill, and destroy"

I love that
we still dance
or with books
(for learning)
we try to remember - in order to build a fence
to celebrate the Good and High and Holy

We continue to touch one another in LOVE
(social media, gatherings, letters, calls, hugs,
building families, telling stories, sharing, smiling)

About the Shoah:
"Never Again"
has not worked

I'm thrilled to be in concert
 with all the GOOD

we'll do what we are able.

Love & Love,


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