"Story Lady"

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Me & My Guitar

me & my guitar
always in the same mood
i am mostly flesh & bone
he is mostly wood
doesn't grow impatient 
with the changes i don't know
if he can't go to heaven
maybe i don't want to go,
-- James Taylor

Deborah Sharn found this photo in her files
and was kind enough to send it
brings back great memories
20th Century Troubadour


nyrogrl said...

I remember Ms. Rock in these days very well. Just so lovely, now too. When Georgy played all listened.

nyrogrl said...

Oh, and great photo. That brings me back.

Crystal Mary said...

A lovely photo Gorgy, doesn't it take you back, it must. You sing beautifully.. why don't you do a clip on Vimeo? and let everyone enjoy you?
Much love Crystal xx

Crystal Mary said...

Is that you on 23rd/ House of Love? If so, its good.

Maggid Jim said...

Another lifetime... and all one life...

Another beauty... and all one Beauty.

gypsys1st said...

There's my favorite renegade.

Pouring my heart out before you in music...
The songs that have what we ment to say...
Tomorrows promised to no one....
Its only what we can do today.....

Carol said...

Beautiful then....even MORE Beautiful now!

Love you!