Saturday, March 24, 2012

Had a little time . . .

Nothing great - just an extra hour
So, i went out into the yard
to see what early spring has sent

Do you remember when i told you about the twisted stick in a bucket?
Well, "Crabby Appleton" is now way taller than i am
Looks like she's going to bloom soon

They stopped by for supper.
All kinds of birds visit
they seem to have no problem
with me getting close
I haven't learned how to always keep the camera still

The newest baby tree is a weeping red bud
If i stand "just so"
the newest addition is framed by my arch
Do you remember seeing those bells??
I take pictures of them pretty often
There's stark contrast
Because things are just beginning to peek out
little bouquet action
Had to sneak this one
Osa Magillicutty Happy Pants
Prefers her privacy

She LOVES Her Garden

I'm sure to take more pictures of
"Garden Gifts"
off & on
it seemed a real treat
to have a moment to look for the early arrivals.
love & love,
(Osa's Mom)


Sr. Ann Marie said...

Looks like a beautiful garden--a place to enjoy the wonders of nature, even those that originally didn't look so wonder-filled!

Crystal Mary said...

I love you.. You see beauty all around. xx