Friday, March 09, 2012

from Yehuda Berg:

 Growing spiritually is like running up a down escalator 
– always in motion. 
The message for us is 
 if we don’t keep going forward in our spiritual work,
 we will fall back to a lower level.

Spirituality is not about stopping or staying at one level;
 it is about always moving ahead and never resting on our laurels.
Okay, okay I'm UP and Moving
love & love,

Did i tell you
at Our Center
people asked for name tags

I think it was intended to make visitors comfortable
So, i made tags and set them out
so anyone who wants one
can have one.

You would think I'd be the first person to be excited about this
because remembering names is one of my challenges

Well, I'm happy that some are happy
interested that others are not 
and feel the need to say so
Nope, I do not wear a tag
I'm too tempted to write a "name of the day"
You could find me with
"Priscilla of the Desert"
"Cheshire Cat"

The Cheshire Cat from Carroll's Alice in Wonde...
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the blank would be filled
according to the whim of the day
(oh, i am trouble . . . smile)
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