Monday, March 26, 2012

Francis Talking to the Birds

 I saw this card today
when i was at story time
"Francis Talking to the Birds."
Someone said,
"Georgy, that's just like you!"
yeah, they're kinda right.

It's going to rain soon.
Out my window i have a perfect view of "Crabby Appleton.'
I think i just posted a photo of her
Anyway, here she is just a few moments ago
 (It's Wednesday, 21st of march, 2012, just in case you wondered.)
 Isn't she lovely?

 There are plenty of "garden gifts" to appreciate
I just hurried to add a few
a little blurry - 
This is the baby, weeping red bud
Today there are the beginnings of leaves - besides the purple blooms

 "Winston Churchill and the Cheerfulness-es"
Have just begun to bloom
It's their second year
Wonder how they'll turn out

 This is the new Ginkgo Tree
Today there are tiny leaves
 Oh, This tree is now taller than i am,
It's accustomed to me taking portraits
See?  beautiful leaves

I have NO CLUE
what these are
they are in the new mini-garden outside the art studio
pretty blue

going back inside
or I'll never get my work done

love & love,

1 comment:

Crystal Mary said...

It is a beautiful tree. God built a wonderful world full of flowers, animals and birds to bring us great joy, and they do. I love the way St Francis is depicted talking to birds, animals and at peace with the world. My mother resides at an old Catholic nunnery that has been turned into a nursing home. St Francis is out front in a bronze statue, with animals all around him.
Much love sent your way today. xxx