Saturday, March 31, 2012


I keep wanting to share with you
SO Many Things
Lately My Schedule is so busy -
It's seems almost overwhelming

"TUESDAY" production sign (Photo credit: Vaguely Artistic)

BUT - there is the countdown
soon the school term will end
and, although i honestly enjoy it
The few hours I'll reclaim during summer
will be welcome.

I teach (you knew that)
I am also a student
On Tuesday Mornings
I join a class of learners.
We have been studying together for two years.

The classes lately have become super challenging.

I mean, i always enjoyed BOTH my classmates AND the Studies . . .
But, as we round the bend and i see the conclusion -
The classes have become
Super challenging.

This last Tuesday we began a two week study of the "Shoah" (Great Catastrophe)
Okay, that's the word i prefer - the word we are using is "Holocaust" (burnt offering)
Oh My Fur & Whiskers - this subject has always been - difficult for me . . .
This week we looked at how something like this could happen . . . something important for us to understand, i know.  We discussed WHO exactly was responsible . . . yep, we need to understand it wasn't just one person . . . and who was impacted . . . . I tried to forget it was a twelve year period . . I don't like to think of eleven million people . . . and all the PROMISE lost to us - all the families and the wonder and the beauty . . . . (ARGUH!!!) - One more of these to go - only seven more classes all together . . . BUT, there is a second class - and this Tuesday the topic was Redeeming Captives.  It's an interesting exercise when we consider it from a historical perspective . . . but, the comfort level leaves as soon as we apply everything we learn from ancient texts to current life situations . . How does anyone EVER figure out what is the correct response. 

Yes, Seven More Weeks - History and Ethics . . . enough to make my head steam.

Sending You Love,
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Buttercup said...

What are you reading for the class. I'd like to be a long-distance learner.

Buttercup said...

Thanks for your thoughtfulness. So appreciated! I will be following up about the class. Take good care, my friend!