Monday, February 20, 2012

"Amazing is Quite Often" A MacEnulty Moment

Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence.
            -- Robert Fripp

Sunday Evening I got to attend a special event at Church of the Open Word.

John MacEnulty read some of his original poetry, played his wooden flutes and gave us Ambrosia Cookies . . . ah, it was a beautiful retreat from "the world."  A restorative space - honest, Heaven Expressed.  AND - John MacEnulty was facing our direction, and could not see outside the picture window (it's a Swedenborg Church) - there was a tiny white mouse climbing across a branch.  I bet the little creature wanted to get as close as possible to the Peace Emanating from the gathering . . . it was the kind of gift the Holy sends, when our hearts are open.

Needed it

What a GIFT.

John MacEnulty

(a word about the architecture of Church of the Open Word: A transparent glass repository creates an altar that is open to the sky and garden, as a reminder that all worship looks beyond itself.  The great roof beams and pillars direct your attention upward, towards something greater than yourself. Natural stone floors provide the foundation from which the Word is read, the sermon is preached, and prayer is led.)

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Buttercup said...

Sounds like a beautiful evening. Thanks so much for bringing me there.