Friday, February 24, 2012

I try to avoid looking backward and keep looking upward.
            -- Charlotte Bronte

Okay, this quote applies - BUT - I admit "TRY" is still the operative here.

I'll continue to "Do" - I'll also continue to admit "I TRY to avoid" - 

Then, I'll tell you - Everything i witness these days - 
Totally worth the journey - The most challenging AND most rewarding opportunity I've ever experienced.  SO - I'm grateful . . (even though i often look back . . even now, when the past is no longer an option)  Perhaps my thinking will catch up soon . . . Either Way - No Turning Back.

I want to thank you all for keeping me company on this journey - 
You are important to me
You Bless me.

Love & Love,



Buttercup said...

Let's say I keep looking upward and try to avoid looking backward. We'll put the positive first and look ahead. Not that I can rewrite one of the Brontes, but I think it works.


Maggid said...

Oooh, Nicely Done! Thank You!
Love & Love,