Friday, January 27, 2012


I took the "good weather route" home on the bus yesterday. 
i planned the trip so there was plenty of time to stop in a place
I have been noticing since i acquired this new position 
(and therefore the opportunity to spend much more transit time every day -
passing places i never knew existed.)

This place is filled with motorcycles -
it is surrounded by a huge iron fence that is locked in the evening - 
but open during the day AND there is a sign - 
A BIG SIGN out front that suggests there is coffee inside.  

There's my excuse - a place that reminds me of my heart 
and an opportunity to find a special cuppa along the way.  
So, in I go.  
especially now that it's winter.  
There's a couple of couches and a guitar leaning across one of the sofa backs,
inviting those who will to play a tune . . . 

A young man with a welcoming smile behind a small espresso bar . . 
what an unusual (and wonderful) sight - 
The smell of fresh roasted . . . . 
so, I acclimate myself, with a little help from the barrista - 
I go for a favorite 
"Cafe Latte" 
(plain, no flavors added, although I do have the choice of - 
well, he started to rattle off a lot of flavors but i stopped him -
because I prefer a 'regular' latte.) 

Some ladies with dogs arrived, and recognized me from who knows where -
I got my latte and went outside to drink and wait for my bus . . . 
I HAD to go back to the picture window to wave a the gentleman who made my
he noticed me & smiled . . 
the two ladies were seated on the bar stools inside, I gather the barrista was busy . . . 
(there were only three stools there . . 
two medium large dogs, two ladies, 
one gentleman cleaning the bar . . 
and a bazillion bikes . . . 

I enjoyed it so much.
I crunkled the empty "go cup" into my carry bag
so i could get a photo to share it with you . . . 

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Crystal Mary said...

That sounds interesting...Ray would like the bikes and me the coffee. I love my cafe`latte plain with no extra's except a spoon of sugar. Wish I was with you to enjoy and have a yatta.
Anyhow,,, you are the winner of the laughing blue wing kookaburra plush toy. He is gorgeous and his laugh sounds so real. You will have fun with him. Can you email me your address? I will be very discrete, no one will be told it, and once I have posted the gift, I will destroy where you live.. Blessings to you Georgy, much love Crystal xxx