Monday, January 16, 2012

For Crystal Mary

My Daddy traveled the world
as a gold record performing artist
he had a lot of adventures
and friends
He was sent some beautiful boomerang (s?)
from Australia
we lived in Nevada, at Lake Tahoe
which is where they ended up
because we walked to the shore
so he could throw them
and watch them circle around
with every intention of catching them
then taking them home to be put on display

Wow!  Could he ever throw far . . . 
and that's where they went into the deep of that beautiful lake
and lived forever after.


Crystal Mary said...

You got it?? LOL
Don't know what brought me back to visit you today? Probably God, He is so amazing!
Hey, I know Lake Tahoe I have been there, just imagine, I probably drove right past your place. It is soo beautiful there!!! We saw donkey's in the hills of Nevada and I saw a coyote. Ray showed me a rattle out of a rattle snake.. Oh such wonderful memories.. Perhaps your dad was somewhere near to me over here? I come from New South Wales but moved away and came to live in Queensland 14yrs ago. Love Crystal

Crystal Mary said...

Oh, the singer 'Charlie Pride' is a pommy (English same as my own father) he's not an Ozzie, hence the different accent..
Some Ozzie ling:
Italians are called, Wog
Greeks, Daygo
English, Pommy
American Yank.. I called Ray a Yank once and soon learned he is a Reb, LOL Its all in good humour. I thank God that no matter what I have come through, I still laugh a lot.. Thats why my bible verse is "The Joy of the Lord is my Strength." God is good.