Sunday, January 08, 2012

I have been reading this 
off and on
for several months.
It was mentioned in a class I was taking.
The teachers stressed it was NOT required reading, it just had a point they were trying to make
and, in the process this title came up.
Golly, i have enjoyed it.
There are points where it's good to just put it down for awhile,
which is handy because I have so much I need to read . . 
letting the information "soak" 
was good.
It discusses so many of the things I've studied
and heard about
and wondered.

I enjoyed it
although some of it was VERY HARD 
Painful, even
But, important to know, i suppose.

A lady saw me with this book a week or so ago
(since i tend to carry it for reading on the Metro)
She was amazed because it's such a 
"Last century"

(giggle - how fun, 
I often refer to "last century"
so, it made me smile.)

Anyway, I'm on to
only heaven knows what

When you see me
it will have a different cover,
the book I'm carrying.

Hey!  What have YOU been reading lately?

love & love,

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