Saturday, December 03, 2011

"Now Serving"

Does this bring to mind the "blue plate special" in your local diner?
Or, has that term, "Blue plate special" gone out of favor for "special of the day" in your neighborhood?

Most of you know i have a new post.  It's turned out to be the most rewarding opportunity of my life.  And, something remarkable has started to occur.  The same way i was trained, the same way i have always treated those representing the HOLY - that EXACT SAME respect has been/is shown back towards me, in honor of the HOLY.  Golly, color this humbling.  What this does, of course, is call your maggid higher, to do her best - to listen and serve . . .

I'm thinking (of course this is an early morning thought, due to improvement as this day unfolds) - But, I'm thinking that today, and always what the Eternal One is Serving is LOVE.

here is today's quote from Yehuda Berg:

"When you serve others, life serves you."

Day has just begun - and already I'm in agreement.  I'm expecting GOOD today.
Good for you
and me.

Love & Love,

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