Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mercury and Mars?

I'm never settled about these things, I mean the "occult," or hidden arts.  People i love dearly looked into these paths and eventually traveled another direction.  In the Arts we see these practises brought out, sometimes beautifully, sometimes not so much.  AND, i can't count the friends I have who actively practise or make their living with these tools.  

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Still, I watch and appreciate what has been handed to us by the ones who have gone before - and i simply adore the ones today who offer hope, love and possibility with the ancient wisdom . . heck, isn't this exactly what i try to do with my education?

I'd enjoy hearing your ideas about all these things.

What stared this post today was a report about Mercury and Mars "squaring off 'against' each other." Perhaps the first day of the year might offer a bit of challenging "truth telling (from differing perspectives.)"  I only vaguely understand about this . . BUT, the report offered advice I REALLY LIKE - SO - all the preface in this post was only to share this:

Simply say what needs to be said, 
hear what needs to be heard 
and move on.

isn't that good advice?
I'm gonna put this in practise
and see what happens.

Happiest New Year!
love & love,
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Crystal Mary said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR Georgy. I pray its your best yet!!! I am writing my second book and this one is not into the occult, but against it! showing the battle between good and evil. Much love Crystal xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx